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Audition - The Good Doctor by Neil Simon

Reading and Open Auditions for Teignmouth Players' production of "The Good Doctor" by Neil Simon, Directed by Paul Loveless.
Reading -   Sunday 23rd June at 2:30 pm
Auditions - Tuesday 25th June at 7:30 pm and
                   Sunday 30th June at 2:30 pm 

The Good Doctor is a full-length play made up of a series of short stories by Anton Chekhov and retold by Neil Simon. 
Chekhov is one of Russia’s best known playwrights and master of the modern short-story. Whilst Neil Simon is best known for The Odd Couple (play, film, TV series, T-shirt).  The Good Doctor became another of his Broadway hits in the 1970’s.

A comedy it is by turns, charming, hilarious, sad, and touching. Central to the play is a writer, who speaks to the audience and shares his writing with them. He presents them with a series of scenes: some are from his childhood, others are his family and friends, and still others are his own life experiences.

So then: 5 actors, 3 male, 2 female, bring 25 characters to life across 10 stories.
The main character is the narrator who contributes to most of the stories and is the lead character in several of the tales.  Each of the other actors perform 4 or 5 characters in the different tales.

Age of the actors isn’t particularly important. However one male/female pair should look younger than the other pair. The older M/F pair do a little singing/talking tale.  And the men need to be up to some physical comedy....with a pair of forceps and a molar. But apart from that the acting requirements are pretty flexible.
10 very quick scene changes will be a stage design challenge.  And there is a plethora of music, sounds and lighting challenges too.

A bit of background can be found here:

Performances are:                           15th – 19th October
Read through is scheduled for:        Sunday 23rd June (14:30)
Auditions are:                                   Tuesday 25th June (19:30)
                                                         Sunday 30th June (14:30)

All at the Ice Factory Studio Theatre.

However, these dates are few weeks away, so if you would like to have a read-through of some of the play, let Paul Loveless know and if there is enough demand we can try to arrange an earlier evening :