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Reading - My Old Lady

November 6th-10th 2018

My Old Lady – Israel Horvitz

directed by Stephanie Austin

Reading:  Sunday 17th June 2018

Auditions:  Sunday 24th and Tuesday 26th June 2018


       Mathias "Jim" Gold. American 55-65 still handsome.

       Mathilde Gifard  French 94, still beautiful

       Chloe Giffard, her daughter, French, 55, still beautiful


Mathilde and Chloe do not need to speak with French accents throughout the play. However, occasional lines are in French, and these must sound right, so a credible French accent will be required.  Jim must have a detectable American accent.

Jim, a down on his luck, middle-aged American inherits an apartment in Paris from his estranged father. He plans to solve all his financial problems by selling it. But when he arrives on the doorstep, he discovers, to his dismay, that an elderly woman living there has lifetime habitation rights under an arcane French law, and she is not about to give them up. Because he has nowhere else to go, she invites him to stay in the apartment. A spiral of friendship and romance with the old lady's outspoken daughter  lead to some uncomfortable and tragic revelations about his father which affect the lives of all  concerned. 

This is a poignant play, with strong roles for all three characters.