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Reading - Blackadder

Mid/late August 2018

Blackadder (at Pavilions Teignmouth) –
by Richard Curtis/Ben Elton

Directed by Amy Burton-Smith


Reading:  Sunday 4th February 2018

Auditions:  Wednesday 7th and Sunday 11th February 2018


Edmund - (m) sarcastic and dry character

George - (m) upper class twit with no common sense at all

Baldrick - (m) no brain at all and repulsive in every level

Melchett - (m) eccentric man in charge

Darling - (m) intelligent man who has a dislike for Blackadder. Ideally the actor in this role can mimic the eye twitch that Tim mcinnerny has in the series.


The following are episode specific so can be doubled. 


Bob - (f) an eager young lady with a good singing voice. 


Perkins - (m) camp prison guard 

Corporal Jones - (m) loud and cheerful leader of the firing squad

The firing squad:

Private Robinson (m)

Private Fraser (m)

Private Tipplewick (m) 

Clerk of the court (m) non speaking role


Field Marshal Haig - (m) no nonsense character. His word is final.

Voice (Offstage) - (m) needs a loud shout 


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