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Auditions - Mindgame

RUN DATES June 12th-16th 2018

Mindgame – Anthony Horowitz

directed by Ken Swan

Auditions:  Sunday 14th and Wednesday 17th January 2018

No reading of whole script until play is cast



Mark Styler - writer  50 - ish      Self confident to the point of being smug.

Dr. Alex Farquhar     50 - ish     Saturnine and benevolent.
                                                            A blend of Sherlock Holmes and Watson

 Nurse Paisley           Late 40's    Spinsterish, serious, severe, nervous.


When Mark Styler, a writer of glossy "true crime" paperbacks, tries to get an interview with Easterman, a notorious serial killer, he has no idea what he is walking into. First he has to get past Dr. Farquhar, the quixotic head of Fairfields - the asylum wher Easterman is kept. But soon he discovers that nothing is what it seems. Who is the mysterious Borson? Where did he get the mysterious meat in the fridge? And why isn't the skeleton in the closet?

Mindgame is a puzzlebox of a play. A dazzling thriller and a jet black comedy that twists it's way to a chilling conclusion.

Later Event: January 17
Auditions - Mindgame