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Haunting Julia - Alan Ayckbourn

Haunting Julia – Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by John Miles

Show dates: 4th - 8th June 2019

Why should a musical genius, with a glittering career in orchestral composition ahead of her, commit suicide?

Julia Lukin, ‘Little Miss Mozart’, was a prodigy, driven by her relentless need to compose. She found little comfort in the more mundane pleasures of life, unable to form relationships with anybody (or anything) other than her music. 

Her doting father, Joe, buys the student house where she died and opens ‘The Julia Lukin Centre’ as a music academy and museum, but more as a shrine to the daughter he idolised. 

Inviting Gary, Julia’s ex-boyfriend who had found her body, and Ken, a psychic, to attempt to answer the many questions haunting Joe, this contrived meetingreveals some disturbing aspects of Julia’s tormented life. 

A taut mystery from a highly experienced cast, set in the very room where Julia took her own life, twelve years ago.  


‘Haunting Juila’ by Alan Ayckbourn. Directed by John Miles. Teignmouth Players at The Ice Factory Studio Theatre. 4-8th June. At 7.30pm. No matinee.01626 778991


Cast List

 Andy                                                   Gary Freemantle

Joe                                                        Phil Wesley-Harkcom

Ken                                                       Gordon Frow

Voiceover                                           Jaz Weyer Brown


Production Team

 Director                                            John Miles

Production Coordinator               Margaret Long

Prompt                                       Suzy Miles

Set design and build                    John Miles, Dave Renwick and cast members

Sound                                        Ken Swan

Lighting                                            Greg and Dave Renwick

Photography                                Appleton Event Photography


Thanks to........ 

 Toads Theatre Company

The Palace Theatre, Paignton

Local traders who display the posters.

Our advertisers for their continued support.

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