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Snake in the Grass - Alan Ayckbourn

Snake in the Grass – Alan Ackbourn

directed by John Miles

Set in a neglected garden. Annabel returns home unwillingly to sort out father’s estate. Alice has also returned to demand a bribe of £100,000. She has witnessed Miriam’s slow overdosing of the old man and threatens to go to the police. Miriam has been worn down by caring for her father and is resentful of her deliberately absented sister.

She can’t pay Alice the blackmail so plans to ‘dispose’ of her by drugging her and pushing her down a well! Awakened memories and father’s ghostly presence disturb Annabel. Who is throwing tennis balls at her and calling her name?

There’s an uneasy undercurrent of fear in this garden. But that’s not all..... What happened in the tennis court? Is Alice dead? What has happened to ‘Lewis’, Miriam’s boyfriend? Was Alice really sacked by Miriam, or was it Alice who dispatched the old man?